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PERMODALAN Sejahtera Sdn Bhd is a young upstart company specializing solutions and consultancy services in the area of electronic payments. Our combined years of experience stretching over 4 decades, we have conceptualized,  developed, deployed, designed and managed successfully almost every single aspect of the electronic payment industry in the Asean region.

With our years of experience in electronic payments, our technology that uses wireless communication and change the process flow to address the needs of a demanding financial services landscape, specifically focused on improving process and reducing operation cost, will surely meet the approval of all concerned parties. Our intent is to revolutionize the existing credit card/merchants system, established by banks/financial institutions using state of the art proven technology. We believe with our innovation in this area, we will create a Malaysian product for the regional financial markets, in the next 5 years.

Permodalan is very focused on becoming the largest electronic payment player in the region within the next 5 years. The unique business model we have created, where we have ensured everybody player in the equation will benefit from the rearrangement of the process, would surely encourage our growth and be the role model for the Asean countries.